Beautiful and Like New

"When I was restoring my 1980 Honda CR125R Elsinore I was very happy to have found the guys from Plastic Renovations. I had the whole bike stripped, painted the frame and swingarm in the original color and build it up from the ground with hundreds of NOS Honda parts but the old brown scratched gastank made it still look like a used bike. I sended my tank to Phil Cox in the United States and received a beautiful gastank back which makes the bike look like new! The gastank even shines the same way my NOS Honda plastic does!"

Corné Van Ballegooy


Excellent Communication and Speedy

"I received today the tank and the shrouds and you have made an excellent job. The parts are really great. Thanks again for the great job you made, the excellent communication and you were really fast. I will finish now the rebuild of the KTM LC PL 125 from 1983. This will still take some time, but with this tank and the shrouds the bike will be very nice. Thanks again."

Pascal, Luxembourg

KTM clean tank
KTM shroud damaged
KTM shroud repaired

The Product Was So Good I Joined the Company

"Several years ago I after a night out with my brother we started talking about the good old days when I raced Motocross. I then decided to see if I could find some of the old bikes from my era of racing and restore one. One restored bike soon turned into 6 bikes and all of them were restored to the highest level I could achieve, I am very fussy and want them to be complete ly original and make them exact replicas of the bikes I actually raced.

I managed to achieve this on all of them, but the biggest problem on all was finding good plastics, they cost a small fortune if you found any too. The tanks were by far the hardest to get, painting plastics is definitely not the way to go for me, so I sent my tanks away to various people who claimed they could restore plastic. They all came back looking shiny but all had marks and scrapes that were still there and this just was not good enough for me.

I was searching a Vintage bike forum and found a restored 1982 Honda CR 250 tank that looked awesome, so I bought it. The tank arrived within a week and when I opened the box I was amazed at the finish, it looked like an NOS tank. No marks just beautiful glossy clean plastic on the top and the bottom. My prayers had finally been answered.

The tank was restored by Phil Cox of Plastic renovations and I knew how hard it was to get good plastics, so I made a call to thank Phil for the tank and also suggested to him that I become an agent for Plastic renovations in the UK and Europe.

Since then Phil has restored my Honda CR 500 RF 1985 tank, this was heavily gouged and scraped, but now looks like it just came from the Honda factory mould. Testament to the finish is that I have NOS radiator shrouds on this bike and the finish, colour and gloss level to match the NOS plastics perfectly."


You Are F#@!&% Amazing!

"Phil, you are friggin amazing!  I can't believe the quality of your work.  To think of all the original plastics I have thrown away over the years restoring bikes only to put incorrect aftermarket items on the bike to replace them is a shame. I'll know where to go in the future! Thanks again!

And again, two days later...

"The fenders and tanks arrived today...sorry for the language...YOU ARE F#@%ING AMAZING! Sorry, I couldn't contain my excitement. I can't believe what you have done to repair the fenders and to bring the tanks back to new condition. I've been restoring bikes for twenty years and have seen some amazing work. You are at the top of the list!! Absolutely beautiful. You know as well as I do that a bike's beauty comes from its cosmetics. You just sent my restoration off the charts!! Thank you!!"

Clay Setzer

Clay Setzer tank before
Clay Setzer tank after