Customer Showcase

Our customers become like family

Once we work with a customer to help them realize their dream come true, a special bond is fomed. We help deliver their baby, not in the medical sense of course, but the joy is very close. We've created this section of our website to showcase customers motorcycles, one's that we helped deliver by providing shiny restored original parts. Take a look around and see what we've done for others, maybe your bike belongs in here too.

Corné van Ballegooy - 1980 CR125 Elsinore

A beautifully restored machine.

A museum piece.

100% restoration.

Plastic Renovations restored tank.

Now displayed at the World MX Collection Museum in Sweden.

Vintage MX eye candy.

Rad Fismistr - Husqvarna CR250

Restored 1978 Husky CR250.

Always wanted a vintage Husky.

Fitted with Fox gas shockss.

Rad Fismistr - KTM

Rad's 1990 race bike restored.

The 1990 KTM was the best bike Rad ever raced.