Our Approach

Old school, with a twist. We approach each project as if it were our own. The techiniques we use to restore your motorsport plastics are innovative, and each part goes through our process one at a time, touched by hand the entire way. Vintage racing and recreational riding are a passion for us here at Plastic Renovations, and so is meticulous workmanship and attention to detail. You can be assured that when you send us your parts for restoration they will be treated professionally from the moment they enter our facility to the instant they are sent back to you. We are the only operation of our kind anywhere in the world. With sales now in the UK and Europe, by way of Rad Fismistr, we are able to offer more personalized service to our European friends and customers. Our work shop is located in southern Nevada where Phil Cox will personally ensure that each part is finished to as close to OEM beauty as possible.

Phil Cox, Founder

Rad Fismistr, In Memoriam